Website Designing and Web Development

A website is a way to deliver information to the users which are connected with it. The contents of a website is stored in a place called web server indicating a single domain. Generally, a domain name is known as URL (Universal Resource Locator) or (Uniform Resource Locator) of that web server. User sends a request to the server through web protocol via HTTP/HTTPS, then, the web server respond to the user request. This response is a file or a page known as web page, this type of webpage is created by using any markup language like HTML, which holds the information in the form of text, images, animation, links, audio, video etc.

Generally, a website is divided into two categories, i.e. Static and Dynamic.

  1. Static website contain fixed number of pages and format, which delivers information to the user. There is no change in contents of web page while page is running on the user's browser. This kind of web sites ared created using HTML and CSS code. Example of static websites are informative website, tutorial website etc.

  2. Dynamic websites can change the web page contents while the page is running on the user's browser. This kind of websites is created using any scripting language like JavaScript, PHP, ASP.NET, JSP etc. to change page contents at run time. Dynamic websites use client side scripting language to prepare dynamic design, handle events etc. and server-side scripting language is use to manage session and cookies, storing and retrieving data from database etc. Example of Dynamic website are e-commerce sites, online form application, job portal sites, social networking sites etc.